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Friday, September 5, 2008

Figure this...

Unrelated to Charlie Manuel, I find this rather loony (or maybe it's not fascinating at all). I was just looking at the Phillies current roster, and noticed something insane (or possibly in the realm of sanity) . 4 different pairs of Phillies on the 40 man roster share the same birthdays.

So Taguchi and Greg Dobbs 07/02
Brett Myers and Mike Cervenak 08/17
Ryan Howard and Clay Condrey 11/19
Joe Blanton and Andy Tracy 12/11

While it is supposed fact that in a room of 23 random people, there is 50% chance to have two people sharing a birthday, Mr. Musser and I are currently without answer to just how absurd this may or may not be. Rest assured, we will be running calculations throughout the entirety of the Phillies game while acting as manager for all intents and purposes. We will be sure to let everyone know when we find out. Hopefully Myers can continue his dominance tonight.

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