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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is going on?

It doesn't seem to be Blanton's night tonight, although the home runs came on seemingly good pitcher's pitches. I wonder how long they'll leave Blanton in to lose the game though.

Did anyone listen to Maury Wills in the bottom of the 4th? Guy seemed to be extremely full of himself. If McCarthy or Sarge left something out from this guy's resume, he would quickly remind them, and everyone listening, just how good he was. Ex: I mean this guy persevered. He was also a good hitter. This guy played through discomfort. Pitchers were afraid of him, they knew they couldn't get him out.... Unbelievable. I don't know, maybe I'm over analyzing this, just seems to be a little awkward.

They aren't even watching the game right now...

They haven't commented on the play for at least 5 pitches now...

McCarthy just apologized to Wills for commenting on the play that just occurred...

Batrick's double...

The End

Wait.. Sarge and Maury are now saying that "you can't break up double plays anymore." This simply isn't true. A runner can still legitimately break up double plays, they just have to be in range of the base, which makes good sense. I just love when people make shit up.

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