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Monday, August 4, 2008


I had my daily psychotic breakdown even before the game started yesterday. While I was driving back to my new apartment, I was listening to Reuben Frank on 610. Due to the numerous hosts that don't know what they're talking about, I have decided that I will only listen to this station while driving long distances, so as to ensure that I'm wide awake at the wheel.

Around 7:45, Reuben decides to bring up the question: "Who do you think are the most overrated and underrated athletes in Philadelphia?" In my mind, I was having a hard time with people that are actually overrated in this town, but one really underrated player stuck out to me: Pat Burrell. Burrell is way too important to this team that it literally makes me not want to watch the Phillies anymore if they do not re-sign him. The goal of every player's AB in baseball is to not make an out. The farther they get on the bases without making an out, the better; however, the overall goal is to not get out. Burrell does this better than everyone on the Phillies, including their best hitter, Chase Utley. Burrell currently is getting on base 40% of the time, while Utley (who was in a slump before the last week) is OBPing .372. Career totals have Burrell at a .370 OBP and Utley at .374. However, in the last four years Burrell has not OBPed less than .388. He obviously walks alot (which are just as good as singles, maybe even better because it makes the pitcher throw pitches), and he slugs well above average also.

.... Where was I? Oh right, overrated/underrated. Reuben's first caller comes up with underrated: Ryan Howard (OK, although it's people who don't understand baseball that complain about his Ks), and



I don't know if you'll be able to handle this...

Here it comes...

Cole Hamels

As soon as I heard this I immediately thought this caller was just frustrated with Cole's two recent outings that were obviously not his best. However, this guy went on to site quite possibly the best pitching stat out there. Win/loss. The conversation went something like this:

Caller: Cole Hamels is 9-7, and he thinks he is an ace? He is way overrated. An ace of a rotation would not finish with around 14 wins where Cole will be at the end of the year. An ace goes out and wins games.

RF: Yea, I completely agree (HOW CAN U AGREE?!!). If you're a staff's ace, and your team goes out and gets you 3 runs, you go out and let up 2 (?!!? that's probably the worst statement ever for so many reasons). Jaime Moyer throws 12 MPH (he actually said that) and he has more wins than Hamels. Someone has to explain to me how Cole Hamels can only have 9 wins, and have fewer than Moyer.

At this point, I was losing my mind so I didn't even hear the rest of the garbage being said.

WINS AND LOSSES are the worst stats possible to rate a pitcher. They are too largely dependent on the pitcher's offense that game. Cole Hamels has not got much run support this year, and probably should have a few more Ws, whatever the fuck that means. Cole Hamels has allowed these ERs in all of his starts: 1, 1, 0, 4, 5, 2, 4, 4, 0, 0, 6, 7, 0, 2, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 2, 2, 4, 4.

IF Hamels got the team's average RPG (5.01) every start, He could only have lost 2 games (based on ERs). Obviously, he's not always going to get good run support every game, but his support has had to have been awful in most of these starts.

In stats that matter (ERA, WHIP, Ks) he ranks:

ERA: 23 in MLB (that would make him an ace of SOME rotation)
WHIP: 4 in MLB (awesome)
Ks: 7 in MLB (definitely ace material)

If this doesn't make him an ace, I don't know what does. Wins apparently.

P.S. Johan has 9 Ws also... HE'S NOT AN ACE!

P.P.S. Re-sign Pat