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Monday, August 18, 2008


I'm not even about to touch what Rollins said. That is not what has me so enraged. The worst parts of all of this, for me, occurred within 5 minutes of one another. On my way home from work at Flemington Engineering the other day, I was listening to 610 AM. Eskin was on with Ike Reese. This may have been the 1st or 2nd time in my entire life that I've agreed with Howard, so I feel it's imperative that I bring it to light. Anyway. They are discussing Rollins' statement, and Howard thinks it's ridiculous to say people in Philadelphia are bandwagon fans. A very good caller came through on the line and was making some good points. How often do the Phillies hit a home run to left field, and you see it land in empty seats. How can a team that finished in dead last in their division last year (Eagles) have so many people going to their preseason games, and be in a bandwagon city. All of this was great, and I agree completely. That being said I would like to take it one step further. First though, Ike Reese was claiming that "people here are bandwagon, and if not bandwagon, fair weather fans because they boo you when you're not winning." Ike, how does booing make you a bad fan? A bandwagon fan is someone who jumps on a team when they're winning, and jumps ship once the ride is over. A fair weather fan can be characterized the same way.

When was the last time the people of Philadelphia have seen a professional championship? 1983. Which team in Philadelphia currently has the worst attendance? That same team, the 76ers. The Phillies have won 1 world series, the Eagles have never won a Super Bowl, the Sixers have won 3 Championships, and the Flyers have won 2 Stanley cups. The major Philadelphia sports teams have won 0 championships in their last 98 combined seasons (25 years, but 2 shy of 100 due to the MLB strike in 1994 and the NHL lockout of 2004-2005). An interesting point has been brought to my attention by our own Andy Musser. Musser states that the "96 Yankees won over 90 games and the world series, played in "the stadium" in a city of 18 million people, and had lower attendance than the 2003 phillies, who finished 15 games out of first and played in the Vet, the worst stadium in the game at the time." As if this wasn't enough he goes on to claim, "1995, phillies outdrew the yankees. Yankees won the wild card and the phillies finished 6 games under .500," (Musser).

In 2006-2007 the Flyers had the worst record in the NHL, yet still averaged a near sell out almost every game. This year's average attendance was 273 people more.

When fans boo, this does not mean they are being fair weather fans. When they cheer, they are not jumping on the bandwagon. If the same people do both, continue to go to games (thus support the team), and live and die with their results, I do not see how they can be characterized as anything other than passionate.

On top of all this, the most booed player in Philadelphia for as long as I can remember, has been Pat Burrell. He has never said a word against the fans, and as far as he says, desires to be re-signed here next year (which all should agree would be the greatest thing ever).

I'm interested to see the reaction he gets when the Phils open against the Nats tomorrow night. Hopefully, the reaction causes the team's bats to come to life. We all know how important this will be down the stretch.

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