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Thursday, August 14, 2008

This is getting ridiculous..... turned into, Game 120: Deja vu (64-56)

Why? Why is it so fucking hard for Manuel to understand that he should bring Brad Lidge into the game for the most important situations in said game. He let Durbin blow games on consecutive nights in almost identical situations. Seriously Charlie? You want to save your best pitcher for the 9th inning, no one on, save situation? Well guess what. Your team is now fucking losing. Good thing you waited. It's not hard to understand. Use your best pitcher in the most pressing situations. The Phillies just got bailed out by a horrendous call by the 3rd base umpire.

Biff Finkleman was just assigned to Bill Gates, and couldn't even sell him a fucking lemon, while Dutch (just coming off a long vacation, but still top of the line) sat at his desk waiting for a probable client who may or may not come into the store later. The manager of Kulp and Furman Autos just cost his company a pretty penny.

Now Condrey is in because it's not a save situation for Lidge. I hope we lose this inning so I can go to bed. There is exactly .0001% chance the phillies win this game. Let's get it over with already. I can't watch this garbage anymore.

Since I wrote that, the game is over. Thank you Charlie.

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