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Friday, August 29, 2008

Phillies front office a couple days behind this blog

Remember when I said that the Phillies should have brought up a lefty reliever to help out with the bullpen instead of Andrew Carpenter, a righty? If you don't, here it is. It cost the Phillies the game against the Mets when they had to use a righty against Carlos Delgado, who tied the game with a homer. Had they brought up a lefty and used him to face Delgado, then Delgado probably doesn't reach base, let alone homer.

The Phils sent Carpenter down yesterday and activated Fabio Castro. Guess what hand Castro prefers to use while pitching? Left. Unbelievable.

This organization seems a bit unorganized, from the ownership group to the GM to the manager to the third base coach.


Scott Graham said...

Apparently, you are a couple days behind this blog too. I mentioned this in a comment on one of your previous posts. Pay attention, sir.

Andy Musser said...

regardless, they were still behind us