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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Phillies add Matt Stairs for stretch run

The Phillies have traded left-handed pitcher Fabio Castro to Toronto for Matt Stairs. Stairs has had over 300 ABs this season and, though 40 years old, has put up a .342 OBP. This move seems to be a response to the recent placement of Geoff Jenkins on the DL. Since then, Greg Dobbs has been the only lefty on the Phils bench.

I like this move. Castro has over 4 walks per 9 innings in the minor leagues over the course of his career, and his 2007 Major League numbers included a 1.8 WHIP. Stairs, meanwhile, will fill the role of Geoff Jenkins, owner of a .304 OBP and 9 homers. While trading for a 40-year-old is inherently risky, Stairs' numbers as a 39-year-old certainly reduce some of that risk. Last year, in only 357 ABs, Stairs knocked 21 homers, OBPed .368, and slugged .549. Anything close to that over the course of September will certainly give the Phils a much-needed boost from the left side off the bench.

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