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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Here we go again

It's the top of the 9th inning right now. Good thing Burrell is out of the game. It's not like they might need him to bat anymore. Also, just now in the top of the 9th, Harry and Chris took turns sharing the sentiment "Lidge has a ball [in the bullpen]. If the Phillies score here, they will need him."

....Btw, Charlie hasn't learned anything, Coste just bunted.

Anyway, why don't the Phillies need Brad Lidge if they don't score? He's their best pitcher, and from here on out if the Dodgers score before we do, the game is over. Thus, it is important that the Dodgers probably never score again in this game. Lidge gives the Phillies their best chance. Not to mention if the Phils don't score, that probably means the best part of their lineup will be due up if they make it back up in the 10th inning, so using Lidge would help that come to fruition.

This Hamels guy must really stink. He still only has 9 wins. What's the deal, guy?

P.S. They just put Romero into the game to face a righty (this lineup is packed with them). He hit him. Surprise, surprise. This better not become the most blatant misuse of JCR to date. I'll get upset.

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