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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game 136: Phils beat Cubs for second straight day, umpires for first time this series (74-62)

Charlie Manuel did okay today. He let Brett Myers start the 8th inning, despite having 97 pitches already. Then, once he got into trouble, he removed him correctly. J.C. Romero came into the game with Jim Edmonds, the pitcher's spot, and Kosuke Fukudome due up to bat. With two lefties and the pitcher's spot, Romero was the correct choice. He retired two pinch hitters, one for Edmonds and one for the pitcher, then walked Fukudome. At this point, the bases were loaded for Geovany Soto with 2 outs and the score 5-2 Phils. Soto, a righty, has much better numbers against lefties than righties, and we all know how J.C. struggles against righties. Chad Durbin or Ryan Madson would have been better options in that situation. Brad Lidge, however, would have been the best option. He has had 2 days off and is more than capable of a 4-out save. Or, if he is not capable of a 4-out save, then use him for Soto and let Madson or Durbin pitch the 9th with a 3-run lead. Either way, J.C. Romero, and his .433 OBP vs. righties, should not have been pitching to Soto with the bases loaded and 2 outs.

Normally, I do not like seeing Brad Lidge pitch in a 3-run game to start the ninth, but he has had 2 days off, the top of the lineup was due up, and there is an off-day coming up on Thursday. Plus, resting Madson and Durbin another day is a good thing. Today marks the first time all season that we will not disagree with Lidge appearing in a 3-run game.

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