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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Game 124: Phils win series despite being outscored by the team with the 3rd fewest runs scored (66-58)

Phils win the series. Not a sweep though. The 8th inning tonight was the perfect example as to why the lineup should always be Utley, Burrell, Howard. Opposing teams can use LHPs to go after Utley and Howard, and then switch to a righty which is pretty much the optimal situation. Going L, R, L would cause the opposing team to either use a righty for Utley or Howard, or a lefty for Burrell, or would cause the team to waste a couple of pitchers. Following Burrell's AB, Manuel inserted Jenkins into Pat's spot and put him in right field. Left field in Petco is probably the smallest or easiest field to defend, which makes putting Jenkins (slow and bad arm) in right field worse than having Burrell in left (slow with a good arm).

Hamels was also bad again tonight. He only managed to will his team to score just 2 runs for him. Boy did he luck out though. The Phillies managed to be outscored in this series 9-6 by a terrible offensive team. In the two games that they won, they scored as many runs as they scored in the game they lost. If Moyer and Hamels had given up one more run respectively, would their starts have been bad just because the offense sucks?

Worst play of the night:

Morgan brought up the term "slide piece" supposedly coined by our very own, Sarge. Miller then thought it would be funny to repeat this over and over for the remainder of the game, often trying to introduce "slide ball" and other terms much to the chagrin of Morgan. The term slide piece is officially terrible.

In better news: Phils are on Sunday Night Baseball again next week. That means more Morgan and Miller :) In actuality, this news makes me cringe.

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