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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Game 123: Kendrick continues to even out (65-58)

We've been saying all along that Kyle Kendrick has been using smoke and mirrors all season. Not in the way that Ricky Williams does. Well, at least not what we know of.

With a below-average WHIP and several games aided by fantastic run support, Kyle Kendrick is due to revert back to where his stats show him. Two straight bad starts against mediocre to awful lineups really give Charlie no room to mess anything up - they're already in the books because of Kendrick's performance. The next two months will be a struggle for the Phightins.


Harry Kalas read an advertisement during the game for the CW's new show, 90210. Grandpa Harry pronounced 90210, like this: "Ninety-two ten." This man is a legend, and we love him. These kinds of slips are absolutely hysterical and show that he is truly a funny, funny man. Here's to hoping he's around for another decade.


Scott Graham said...
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Scott Graham said...

Is ninety-two ten written: 9210, 90-10, nine teetooten, or 8:30?