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Friday, August 15, 2008

Game 121: Myers looked good (64-57)

Myers seems to be doing really well lately. Has his swagger back. Utley doubled. Nothing glaring from Manuel, except I'll never understand putting in a lefty reliever to face a string of righties. Condrey, Madson? No runs resulted, but it's just confusing.

I can sum up the last 20 million games, and probably the rest of their games.

1. Phils pitch extremely well, can't hit. See: Hamels last 4,000 starts, Blanton's start against Pitt...
2. Phils manage to get some runs, but the ludicrous pitching changes Manuel makes don't pan out.
3. Phils lose without using their best reliever because Manuel's saving Lidge because it is not yet the 9th inning.

Tonight? 1
Last night? 2&3
Two nights ago? 2&3

The Phillies should not be losing due to mental mistakes from their manager. That's just unacceptable. It's one thing for the right decision to fail, but to not think outside the box/ straight go against the odds is pathetic. I've almost had enough.

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