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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Game 119: See below for most of the analysis (64-55)

Who would have ever thought that Burrell's defensive replacement would fail at a play that Burrell could have made? Oh, that's right I'm pretty sure we've mentioned that most of Burrell's defensive replacements are mostly downgrades to Pat's arm. Also, "good" decision to bring in Romero for the righty. There was a long string of lefties after Martin, but why not leave in Durbin for the first batter? Seems strange to me, he only threw 21 pitches. Manuel could have also brought in Lidge (I'm AWARE it's not a save situation), and he would have had a better chance, but we'll never know now.

Worst decision of the game? Pitch out with Jeff Kent up, and the count at 1-2. In this situation, it seems extremely unlikely that Matt Kemp will steal second. Jeff Kent is up and Manny follows. I would like to think that Joe Torre would be very hesitant to run into outs with the heart of the lineup due to hit. Terrible.

Current mood: furious (Phillies lost)/ befuddled (why can't Phillies baseball people think outside the box?)

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