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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Game 116: Good steps forward (63-53)

A lot of people did good things tonight. Rollins had 4 hits, Myers pitched well, and Manuel made some very good decisions. However, Utley still doesn't look like himself at the plate, and something tells me Burrell has been partying it up with his old buddy Jason Michaels, who is back in town, because Burrell seems to be in another world at the plate (watched strike 3 tonight, and didn't even know he was out).

Manuel almost managed the game flawlessly tonight. However, he did attempt to have Coste sac bunt again tonight after last night's debacle. Again though, he could not get the job done, which would have hurt the team anyway percentage-wise. Also, upon leaving the game with 2 outs in the 7th, the starter, Myers, erupted on the way off the field and also in the dugout. Since we insist on bashing Manuel for even the most minuscule details, we also have to point out when he does things right. Myers did pitch a good game, but the last batter he faced hit a ball very hard right at Jimmy Rollins. Myers was under 100 pitches, but with 2 lefties coming up, Romero was the correct decision. I don't understand where Myers gets off showing his manager up in this scenario. I mean it's not as if he's earned the right this season to get himself out of trouble.

Another good idea by Manuel tonight, although I feel like it wasn't a true decision so much as Lidge's having the night off; using Durbin up by 3 in the 9th inning. We have pointed this situation out previously on this site, where we feel that Lidge doesn't need to be used to start the 9th up by 3 runs just because it's a "save" situation. Save Lidge for more high-leverage situations, which may or may not be save opportunities. If Manuel can use Condrey in extras when tied, why can't he use Madson, Durbin, Condrey, or Romero in the 9th up by 3?

I also tip my hat off to Wheeler tonight (what am i saying?) for pointing out something very true. When presented with the Phillies record on August 9ths since the year he was born (well below .500), Wheeler stated "again showing how much of a loser I am". Yes Chris, you are one hell of a loser. Congrats.

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