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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Game 112: Seriously? He only has one job (61-51)

We love to harp on how often Manuel uses JCR against righties, which is completely ridiculous. He is a lefty specialist. This means he is used to get out the other team's left handed batters. Tonight, with 1 out in the 7th inning, Manuel decided that the game was out of reach. Mike Jacobs was due up with a man on first. Jacobs is a lefty. A pitching change is being made. It obviously has to be Romero. Right? Wrong. Manuel brought in Les Walrond. Yes, him. A reliever who has been in the majors in two separate seasons, 2003 and 2006. Manuel must have deemed the game out of reach, I mean the Phils were down 2-0. He then leaves Walrond in long enough to hang himself, and the score became 4-0.

This situation was begging for Jansas. He would face Jacobs, and based on how that went, he could face Uggla (a righty, who is doing TERRIBLY against lefties). Or, if Jacobs gets on or advances the runner, then bring in Madson. Manuel either refused to use Romero due to over-use (too often against righties) or because he felt the game was out of reach. Either way, there is no excuse for this. It pretty much cost the Phils any chance they had of winning.

Also, Victorino's "HR" tonight is the exact reason instant replay should be used on questionable HR calls. If I were a Marlins fan, and the Phillies had come back and won tonight due to that awful call, I would have lost my mind. Teams should not be hurt by the umpires' failure to make correct calls.

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