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Monday, August 4, 2008

Game 111: Phils outscored in three games, win series (61-50)

Charlie Manuel almost pissed away this game. The score was 5-2 in the 8th inning when Chad Durbin allowed a leadoff single to Brendan Ryan. Instead of allowing Durbin to face switch-hitting Adam Kennedy, Manuel decided to allow J.C. Romero to come into the game even though there was only one true lefty due up in the next 6 batting spots. And, Manuel knew that lefty would be removed for a pinch hitter, because Tony LaRussa did the same thing in yesterday's game. It is inexcusable to bring in Romero when you know he will be facing all righties. Either bring in Ryan Madson, Clay Condrey, or Brad Lidge, or leave in Durbin. Do not allow Romero to face any righties, because he is worse against righties than any righty in the pen is against lefties.

As it turned out, Romero faced three righties, allowing two of them to reach base to make the score 5-3. Madson then had to come into the game to face Albert Pujols as the go-ahead run. Luckily, Madson got out of the inning unharmed. Manuel really played with fire allowing Romero to let that team back into the game. He had no business in that situation.

I know Shane Victorino had the hit of the game, but he should never have been in that situation. He has a .355 OBP against righties and a SLG over .400, while Jayson Werth has a .340 OBP against righties with a paltry .360 SLG. However, Manuel let Werth start (batting second!) and Victorino sit the bench against righthander Todd Wellemeyer. Werth was entirely unproductive, and Victorino ended up hitting a three-run homer lefthanded. If Victorino starts, maybe this game isn't nearly as close as it was.

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Scott Graham said...

It's a good thing Manuel felt Shane needed a night off, it's not like they have off today or anything