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Friday, August 1, 2008

Game 109: Despite the undeniable fact that it's summer, bats were cold (59-50)

I thought the Phillies had this game. It was a lock. It was 87 degrees at 9 o'clock. I don't know what happened. Not much tonight in terms of Charlie's decisions. In the 6th inning, after Jenkins's double, it could have been beneficial to pinch hit Dobbs there. Bruntlett hadn't had the best game at bat tonight, striking out terribly on two separate pitches in the dirt. Manuel, not having used Dobbs in the 6th, made good decisions in the 9th however. Hitting Coste for Ruiz, and Dobbs for the pitcher's spot. While the substitution decisions tonight were pretty solid, the players still have terrible approaches at the plate. Aside from Rollins's walking three times tonight, the batters' plate approaches tonight were God awful. In the 7th, the Cardinals put in Garcia for his ML debut. Accordingly, the Phillies hitters went up there swinging, helping him get out of the inning after 6 pitches (Taguchi-1, Rollins-3, Vic-2). Excellent strategy to not make a new pitcher throw strikes.

The most annoying person of the night was Tom McCarthy followed closely, as usual, by Chris Wheeler. McCarthy tonight:

1. He comments about the Mets/ Astros game. He first commented that Houston pulled ahead of the Mets on a ground rule double (he must have looked at the box score). Immediately, Mr. Musser tells me (also looking at a box score) "they never scored. This didn't happen." Sure enough, next inning, McCarthy corrects himself, very unsure though. "On that ground rule double, the runner was called back to third." Yes Tom, when there is a runner on first, it is normal protocol that he stops at third on a ground rule double.

2. Ryan Ludwick hit 2 homers tonight. Surprisingly, they didn't travel the same distance.
TM: "That's two homers tonight, and one was farther than the other."

3. Bruntlett faced Isringhausen in the 9th, and it was a good thing, because "he's had good success against him. He's 2/3." Soon he will be 6/9 and 102/153. That's just how things work in baseball.