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Friday, August 15, 2008


Sportscenter might have the worst analysts of any show that has been put on TV at any point in time, in the history of the television while television has been around for as long as I, and the television, can remember. Seriously. With segments such as "Who's Now" and the recent "best moustache segment" that Geraldo Rivera (what he has to do with sports is beyond me) won, one can only contemplate why one chooses to watch this awful show where the analysts insist on saying things like "he has 30 RBI in the last month." RBI is a stat. It stands for run batted in. The plural of this is runs batted in. Plural of the stat is RBIs. Get it right, it's not hard.

Anyway, I sometimes choose to watch this in the morning as I eat my breakfast. Today, within a minute of each other, I heard two ridiculously wrong comments. Analysis of the Steelers/Bills game went like this:

"Blah blah blah blah, and Rashard Mendenhall (Pitt) ran 11 times for 30 YDs and a TD, but it was not enough as the Steelers still won."

Apparently, despite his best efforts, Mendenhall could not do everything possible to prevent HIS team from winning. Better luck next time Rashard.

Immediately following this segment, SC covered the Michael Phelps games in Beijing, and a screen was brought up showing the events that Phelps has swum, and the accumulated times dropped since he took over the previous world record.

"He's shaved nearly 4 seconds off the previous world record in the 200 IM medley."

For those of you who don't know (which is fine if your job isn't informing people these things) IM stands for Individual Medley. A new event must have been added for Phelps, because he is so talented and all, called the Individual Medley medley. This event is extremely more difficult, but nonetheless Phelps has demolished the competition. Watch tonight at 10:10 PM (ET) as Phelps attempts to break another world record in the 100 meter Butterfly fly where he won't even touch the water!

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