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Friday, August 1, 2008

Chrysler Jeep Keys to the Game, not so key

I'm sure that everyone has seen a set of these "keys" at least one time. Once is more than enough. The keys to Wednesday night's game (more or less the same version every night) were: "Solve Tim Redding" and "Moyer continues his dominance". Now for those of you who don't know, these keys are supposed to be constructive ways/things the Phillies can do that would help them win the game. Both of these keys are extremely specific to Wednesday's game. Only Wednesday would it be advantageous to do well against the opposing pitcher and have your pitcher do well against the opposition.

A proper key would be an idea/example of HOW to solve Tim Redding. While whoever makes these keys might be on [to] something, it is not the responsibility of the viewers to figure out these ideas on their own. These keys are terrible and should either be made more informative, or abandoned all together.

Coming soon: How Chris Wheeler says that every home run that isn't a moon shot "gets outta here in a hurry"/"left on a trolley wire"/ "had to hurt to catch".