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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

People just make sh** up

Bottom first tonight, Blanton in the stretch for the first time as a Phillies pitcher. Wheeler goes on and on about how quick Blanton is to the plate and first for a large guy. "No one has stolen a base on him this year. Then again, they don't steal as much in the American League." I immediately thought something was wrong with that statement. I looked it up.

NL: 1270 steal attempts
AL: 1173 steal attempts

Now, straight out, I guess the National League steals more. Then again, there are two more teams in the NL than the AL.

AVG steal attempts/ NL team: 79.375
AVG steal attempts/ AL team: 83.785..... the rest of the decimals don't matter.

Flat out, the NL steals more, but that's like saying fielders have more hits every night than pitchers do. Well, kind of.