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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

On this most dreaded day of the year, some off-day musings

Firstly, cheer Chase Utley.

Secondly, we have discussed many times here, the topic of the batting lineup. Since this site originated, I have been wildly claiming that Burrell should be moved up in the lineup, and have said that the four spot (bordered by Utley and Howard) would be ideal. Recently, upon thinking that Ryan Howard most likely benefits from Chase Utley's OBP the most, I did some research to find out who exactly, Howard has knocked in the most.

Upon going through the team's games this year, I have found out shockingly, that after himself, Ryan Howard knocks in Shane Victorino the most, with Utley being next (I am aware that these numbers are skewed because Rollins missed a month).

However, it is quite evident that while Utley gets on at a much higher clip than Vic, Utley doesn't get as much a chance to advance around the bases to by the time that Howard comes up to bat. According to this data, the spot in the lineup two places ahead of Howard is the most likely to score runs. Knowing this, it greatly goes to support our idea to have the lineup be: 1. Victorino (scores alot of Howard's runs) 2. Utley 3. Burrell. 4. Howard 5. Rollins... etc. (something along these lines).

The important thing here is that we have two-three high OBP players in front of Ryan Howard. Seems like his driving in runs is a good thing for the Phillies. Who would have guessed.