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Friday, July 18, 2008

Oh wow

So the Phillies acquired Joe Blanton yesterday. The good news is he's better than what we have currently. The bad news is this. His away numbers this year. Yes, this is a relatively small sample size, but then again McAfee Coliseum is very pitcher friendly. Obviously, I'm hoping for the best, but his WHIP is kind of scary. So were three of his last five starts.

Chris Wheeler let another one go tonight. Wheeler-ism that is. In the top of the 2nd, with Burrell on 2nd and 0 outs, Geoff Jenkins was up to bat. The whole time, the announcers (Wheeler and McCarthy, Harry is recovering from eye surgery, hopefully it doesn't correct his senility) were hoping that the Phils would be able to play "situational baseball". Jenkins went on to get an RBI single to center. After this occurred, Wheeler said "you see, sometimes when you're just trying to give yourself up, you actually get an even better result."

This is a HUGE pet peeve of mine. People seem to think that baseball players actually go up to bat trying to make an out. In a situation like this, I'm sure Geoff Jenkins was thinking, "boy, I sure hope I ground out to 1st or 2nd base. I mean Pat Burrell is so fast, there is no way they will get him at third if i hit the ball to them. I really like making outs to advance my teammates." What is 100 times more likely, is that Geoff Jenkins was thinking, "alright, if I get a pitch I can handle, I'm going to try and get a hit to the right side. That way, if I do get out, at least I probably move the runner." Wheeler would strongly disagree, and it is possible that I'm wrong about all this, but I doubt it. Making an out sucks. It's never fun. Ever.