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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Not second guessing

See people, we don't always criticize the moves Manuel makes. One of the criteria we use to judge this is whether the decision was smart at the time. Madson has done VERY well this year for us. So, good idea to use him. An example of a not so good move, which I'm still boiling over, is Manuel's decision to first use Condrey in the 11th, and never use Lidge even after Condrey got himself into trouble.

Lidge is our best reliever. To not use him in a game that needs to be extended in order for the Phils to score, is ludicrous. "Who will close if we go ahead?" If that situation should present itself, I believe the Phils should count themselves lucky, and just go from there. If Condrey can be trusted in an extra innings game that is tied(where he can allow absolutely 0.00000 runs), why can't he be used to close out a 1, 2, or 3 run game (where he can allow 0.00000, 1 or 2 runs)? Inexplicable.