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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Charlie Lunacy

Last night, Manuel used Lidge in a 8-3 ball game (WASTE). Did he learn? No!! Tonight, there's Lidge again pitching in a non threatening situation. Manuel used him when up 7-3. Does he really not remember the game when Myers got hurt last year? Not only did he use him at a bad time, but Lidge came in and threw 28 pitches, most likely rendering him unavailable for tomorrow's game that Hamels (FINALLY A GOOD DECISION!!) will pitch. When Hamels pitches, we have the best chance of winning. With that in mind, and us likely ahead at the end of the game, I hope Rudy Seanez or Tom Gordon doesn't have to come in with a one run lead in the 9th inning tomorrow.

Charlie Manuel also said this today when questioned about who will fill the starters role vacated by Myers. "I haven't talked to anybody," Manuel said. "Haven't talked to nobody at all today." Well, not to be literal, but you're talking to people as you say that, and I would hope that this topic has been brought up by this point with people in the organization seeing as how someone will have to pitch Friday. Yet, it is Manuel, so one can never be too sure.