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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Game 85: Learning Curve (46-39)

Charlie, we get it, it's very hard to understand a pitcher's stats against lefties and righties, but we just spelled it out for you recently. How hard is it to understand not to use Romero against right handed hitters or switch hitters? Manuel brought Romero in to start the 8th inning to face Chipper Jones, Mark Teixeira, then 2 lefties. Jones led off the inning with a home run, and then Teixeira walked on 4 pitches. That's 0/2 tonight against righties. Not only was this bad in any such situation, but it seems to be even more so when these same hitters saw him just last night. Madson ended up getting out of the inning. Seems to me this inning's pitchers could have been reversed, but what do I know?

Lidge will be pitching the 9th. Let's just hope he's not fatigued from being unnecessarily used last night.