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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Game 97: Say what? (53-44)

Charlie Manuel correctly let Chad Durbin to start the 8th inning, his second inning of work, instead of using Romero (just because he's "the 8th inning guy"). Romero came in to face a lefty, thankfully, after Durbin pitched to a few righties and got two outs. This move forced the Marlins to use the awful Wes Helms as a pinch hitter, who Romero ultimately retired. Lidge pitched the 9th. Good job by Manuel to save Romero for the lefty instead of allowing him to pitch the whole 8th. Perhaps he caught up on his splits over the break.

Good victory. I'll leave you with this little gem I found:

"When I look at our rotation, we needed some different looks,"manager Charlie Manuel said before the start of a weekend series atFlorida. "We needed to try to get better. It doesn't hurt to try to get a little creative at times."

Finally moving your worst starter over the past 2 years and the worst NL starter in 2007 out of the rotation is not creative. By any means.