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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Game 95: Manuel benches best hitter for no reason (51-44)

It's tough to criticize Manuel in a game where the Phils were down 10-2 at one point. I guess we could ask why R.J. Swindle was brought into the game with inherited runners yet again, a situation he should never be in (let alone two games in a row). However, Manuel's most absurd decision was benching Chase Utley against Randy Johnson.

Utley is the league's best hitter against lefties, and today was the penultimate game before the all-star break, so he doesn't need a day off now. It is obscene that a team struggling to score runs is stripped of its best hitter for absolutely no reason. The next time I hear Manuel referred to as a hitting guru when he can't look up simple lefty/righty splits, I am going to vomit. It's nonsense like this that reminds Mr. Graham and I why this site exists.

Hamels is scheduled to pitch tomorrow - hopefully Manuel starts him.