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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Game 91: This is taking too long (48-43)

Someone needs to get through to Charlie Manuel. Soon. This is just getting ridiculous. Tonight in his post-game press conference, Charlie mentioned the dynamic of the Phillies lineup. It went something like this. "We count on the top of the lineup getting on-base. Jimmy and Shane. Then Chase through Howard and Burrell are our RBI guys. The bottom of the lineup is kind of in a funk."

Jimmy Rollins hasn't exactly been lighting it up recently, and Shane also has been in a slump. Neither of these two guys are locks to get on-base even when they're doing well. An obvious solution to "get men in the top of the lineup on base" would be to move Rollins down in the lineup. We've gone through this lineup many times, and it would also provide a change in scenery for some of our players. Also making the lineup Utley, Burrell, Howard (wherever they go) would make it L, R, L. Too easy?

Anyway, I think this is the 2nd time in about 4 days that Manuel has done the following: inserted Greg Dobbs to PH against a righty, knowing that upon his entrance, the opposition (Mets and Cardinals) would bring in a lefty to face him. Upon the lefty's entrance, Manuel promptly removes Dobbs for a righty bat. Dobbs is our "best pinch hitter" (quotes due to such a small sample size) and Manuel willingly wastes him. If you're going to waste a left handed bat to get the starter out, why not use Geoff Jenkins, and waste him? Horrible.