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Monday, July 7, 2008

Game 90: Manuel needs comeback, takes out best hitter (48-42)

Unbelievable. Chase Utley gets hit by a pitch and breaks his hand, and all of a sudden Manuel feels it's necessary to remove him from a game after six innings? The way the Phils can hit this bullpen makes an 8-run lead look very small, especially with so many outs remaining. Whatever. Bruntlett got on base in the 9th anyway, but maybe Utley hits a double and Wagner pitches to Howard differently.

It's tough to mess up a game that is 10-1 at one point, but Manuel found a way.

This team is incredibly unlucky. When they need three runs, they score two. When they need eleven runs, they score nine. Looking at their pythagorean record, they should have a lot more wins than they have. Most of it is luck. Some is Manuel. In all likelihood, it will even out by the end of the year. But I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't.