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Sunday, July 6, 2008


Mets starter- Oliver Perez LHP

Phillies lineup with career BA/OBP/ SLG vs Perez..
1. Werth- ok...... (.273/.438/.273) good OBP
2. Utley- Yes, Burrell is 3rd?!?!!....(.333/.571/.444)
3. Rollins- Whaaaaa? How??? ... (.273/.360/.591) Ok, Burrell is 4th.. right?
4. Howard- Ugh... (.063/.158/.250)
5. Burrell- (.273/.393/.864!!!) 4 HRs in 28 PAs...

Well... I guess this isn't much.. but Howard's numbers are pitiful against this guy. Burrell should be hitting 4th, and not just today either, but especially today with a lefty pitching.

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