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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Game 87: Huge win (48-39)

The Phils beat Santana with J.A. Happ making his second career start (against the same team). While the Phillies managed to get just enough to get the job done, they seemed to have a very poor approach at the plate for much of the game. Each time Rollins goes up to the plate, someone should remind him that it's 2008 and not 2007 because he goes up thinking he's swinging the same bat everytime. Last night he had quite a few poor at-bats in which he took humongous swings at Santana's pitches. Through the 5th inning, Santana had thrown just 51 pitches. He threw just 8 pitches in the 5th (first pitch groundout for Feliz, 2-0 pop out to right for Victorino). Santana had seen 17 hitters through this point, which turns out to exactly 3 pitches per plate appearance, this is nearly 1 pitch fewer per PA than our average. When you're trying to break through against a great pitcher, making a 2-0 out all on your own is pretty inexcusable. I wonder if they'll ever learn, and if Manuel can even help them. Big win.