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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Game 104: Whaaaaaa? (55-49)

Strange, strange game. Not only did someone step up, most of the Phillies looked to be back to their usual hitting form today. Manuel's pitching moves seemed A LITTLE bit more sane. After Hamels and the Phils stuggled in the bottom of the 4th, Manuel brought in Seanez to get out of the inning, and Eaton to pitch an inning. Furthermore, with the Phils back on top in the 6th, Manuel went with Madson, then Durbin for the 7th and first batter of the 8th (Yunel Escobar, who just yesterday Manuel let Romero face), and then brought in Jansas City to face Teixeira (DUMB) to finish the inning. Lidge went on to close out the game in the 9th.

Big comeback win. However, amidst the awesomeness of this comeback victory, I've heard from numerous sources, some very questionable statements. In the bottom of the 5th, with the bases loaded, Ryan Howard had an awesome single that scored two runs. This was a great occurrence. However, some people would have you believe it was far more advantageous than a grand slam would have been. Sorry people, but this argument will just never work. If Howard had hit a grand slam and closed the gap to 9-7 (instead of 9-5), some baseball people would have you believe that it wouldn't have been as effective as the single was. This couldn't be more wrong. People insist that keeping the momentum going, and not scoring all the runs at one time is a much better recipe for success. To them I say, whaaaaaa? Somehow reaping the best outcome possible in an at-bat would yield a worse scenario. Knocking in four runs with one hit, is less effective than knocking in 2 runs with a single. Leaving men on base is never better than clearing the bases. You then have to further rely on other members on the team to come along and get hit after hit. Those runners could very easily (especially in this slump the Phils have been in) have been stranded on base by Burrell, and the rest of the team. It worked out just as well this time, but wouldn't always work out this way, which is why scoring the runs with a homerun, always ensures that they will score.