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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Game 101: Myers and Madson blow it (54-47)

I had no problem with using Ryan Madson in the 6th. Brett Myers was done, and Madson has good numbers this year. Real good numbers. It just didn't work (Madson let up a 3 run homer in a tie game - 6-3 final). We're not here to second guess, so we're not gonna drill every decision that doesn't work out.

However, we will criticize ridiculous decisions that thankfully were irrelevant. Carlos Ruiz worked a two-out walk in the 2nd inning. Myers was the next batter and worked a 0-2 count. Ruiz tried to steal second on the third pitch! He was out by a mile at second! However, the pitch was a strike and Myers struck out to end the inning. If the pitch were called a ball, Ruiz is out and Myers has to lead off the 3rd inning.

If Ruiz got a steal sign, thats obscene. If he went on his own, it's just as bad for not having a hold on in that situation.