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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Are the Phillies seriously going to do this? Part deux

Mr. Musser has a point, we need our ace to start against our divisional rival, if at all possible (which it is). However, following the same logic that we presented when Johan came to town, the Phils don't hit Nolasco very well (12.2 IP 8 H 2 ER). Assuming the Phillies follow these numbers, it could be a wasted start for Hamels. So, Saturday seems like a logical time to throw our Ace.

In other insane news, it seems the Phils trade aspirations have dropped off quite a bit. Recent rumors have the Phillies seeking out Oakland's Joe Blanton. Blanton, who is currently not having his best year, doesn't seem like much of an improvement to the Phils' rotation. Joe Blanton's 1.417 WHIP this year, is slightly better than Kyle Kendrick's (who has always appeared to luckily escape sticky situations due to frequent baserunners).

The Phillies desperately need to make some sort of move that will prove to the fans and players that the organization is serious about winning. Myers and/or Eaton will not be enough for the stretch and hopeful playoff run. A trade for a top of the line starter, i.e. Bedard, could bring the playoff buzz back to Citizens Bank Park upon arrival. Something has to be done, and soon.