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Thursday, July 10, 2008

All-star game?

The MLB all-star game is officially a joke. A complete joke. This quote taken from the article "Beyond Moneyball: Player Development Part 2" on pretty much sums it all up:

"Another example of this domain specific judgment is the difference between the All-Star team fans would put on the field versus the All-Star team players would pick. In other words, it can be difficult for nonexperts to identify experts. However, and it is a big however, people recognized by their peers as the experts do not always display superior performance on domain-related tasks. Sometimes they are no better than novices, even on tasks that are central to their alleged expertise."

In other words, while it is expected that fans will vote whichever way the wind blows, people would assume that players and coaches would assign the spots to the right people. By this point, I'm sure everyone knows that neither Pat Burrell nor Cole Hamels will be on the NL AS team. However, Miguel Tejada, Ryan Ludwick, and Corey Hart (I'm still baffled how he won. If anyone other than Burrell I would have guessed Wright).

(OPS+ is a player's on-base percentage plus slugging compared amongst other players. 100= average)

Tejada: .277/.319/.430 10 HRs, 97 OPS+
Ludwick: .286/.363/.575 18 HRs, 145 OPS +
Hart: .293/.332/.504 14 HRs 117 OPS+
Burrell: .282/.414/.587 22 HRs 157 OPS+

Pitchers (including only important stats)

Aaron Cook: 125 ERA+, 1.289 WHIP, 4.32 K/9 IP
Brian Wilson: 97 ERA+, 1.400 WHIP, 9.99 K/9 IP
Cole Hamels: 139 ERA+, .988 WHIP, 7.83 K/ 9 IP

Good thing everyone in the AS game is really good at what they do, and not just average.