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Monday, June 30, 2008

Thinking outside the box

if Charlie Manuel and the Phillies are planning on giving Brett Myers one more start, this is what they should do:

Myers is scheduled to pitch Thursday in Atlanta on extended rest due to today's off day. Cole Hamels is scheduled to pitch Friday at home against Johan Santana. Now, the Phils have lost 12 of Myers' last 13 starts. So let's assume whatever game Myers starts, the Phils will lose.

Hamels has better numbers against the Braves than the Mets. So let's assume he will pitch better in Atlanta than he would in Philly. Disregarding Myers entirely, it seems that the Phils have a better shot at winning with Cole Hamels on Thursday than Cole Hamels on Friday (especially since Santana goes Friday). And, since Myers has been an automatic loss lately, why not get the win on Thursday with Hamels and throw Myers against Santana and hope for the best?

Simply put: Phils probably lose when Santana pitches; Phils probably lose when Myers pitches. Might as well put them together.