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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pat the Bat

For most of this year (and most likely to continue once the team busts out of the slump) Pat Burrell has been the Phillies number 5 hitter. As of June 27th, Batrick (as we affectionately refer to him here) has gotten on base 41.1% of the time. On base percentage is the single most important offensive statistic relating to runs scored. With this extremely high OBP, he gets on base .029 times more than Chase Utley.

Before this past week, Burrell would bat 5th in front of Feliz, Jenkins/Werth, and Ruiz. This put Pat in a huge dead spot in the Phils lineup. He's getting on base at an extremely high rate (which he has done for the majority of his career) and is being followed by the Phillies weakest hitters. This past week Manuel has made some changes that will almost certainly disappear once the Phillies break their current drought (appears to be happening as I type this). If I know Charlie, (and I think I do) Burrell will most likely return to the 5th spot. However, this would be a huge mistake. Possible lineup changes that could possibly extremely help our lineup would be

1. Victorino CF - has a .350 OBP in 2008 and had a .347 OBP in 2007 which was higher than Rollins OBP while having a career year that he will most likely never repeat
2. Werth RF -proving to have some pop and plate discipline
3. Utley 2B
4. Burrell LF/ DH!!!!!
5. Howard 1B - His numbers will improve, and before people comment about the Ks, he is on pace for the same exact K/PA this year as in 2007 (remember he was injured for a month)
6. Rollins SS- Rollins has some pop and usually a good SLG percentage (career .441)
7. Coste C- Should remain Catcher on most nights.
8. Feliz 3B- Has almost 0 plate discipline. Swings first pitch 99.999% of the time.

The platoon with Werth/ Jenkins should subside in the near future (probably won't). Some minor changes could be made with the lineup, but the bottom line is that Burrell needs to be followed in the lineup by people who can cash in on Burrell's being on base sooo much.

P.S. Re-Sign Pat